We want to tell you a little story about our brand:

“My granddad, he collected cars, then there was my dad who collected cars, and now here I am collecting cars, and my friends collect cars and their friends collect cars. When we were boys, our dream was to find more, better and more special and exclusive cars, so when we grew up we started producing cars. Today, here we are making the best collections in the world for you, a dream come true.”

This is the story of Mr. Peres, his sons and The Diecast Club™. This brand is all about cars. We are crazy about cars. At The Diecast Club™, you’ll find cars from once upon a time and the latest Rally model of the season. 

We want all of our cars to be special, just for you. So we create mini-series with all the best models for every type of car. These collections are highly rare – you can’t find them anywhere else. Brand-new models and features just for you. Collect them all or just dive in, explore and select the models you like. We offer everything a true car-lover could desire.

Not a member yet? Join us at  www.the-diecast-club.com