As fellow collectors, we understand your need to collect, select and search, to look at every option before choosing the exact car you want.
As a member of The Diecast Club, you can take advantage of our unique and exclusive car collections, which are designed with collectors in mind. Simply browse through our different car showrooms and buy as much as you like of our individual products.
Your collector’s spirit has no limits!
With every item you choose, you will benefit from our exclusive club offers:
START NOW  and choose one item. LOAD UP with 3 more items and enjoy a huge discount on shipping.  Take 4 more items and you will get a FULL TANK, which gives you not only reduced shipping fees but also an item for free! You are also not restricted to buying 8, 9 or 10 items. If you like an entire collection, simply choose our RACE offer to get all 12 items in the collection in easy monthly shipments. 12 cars will be less expensive than buying them individually, and there is only a minimal shipping fee – and one full year of fun! 
If you choose to subscribe to a whole series twice, you will be a true WINNER. You will get an extra discount on all of your cars and pay no shipping at all.


Unless otherwise specified in the relevant offer, the Client pays when ordering the product. Accepted payment methods include credit card (CB, Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard) and direct debit.
We offer secure 3D payment on our website.
Direkt Collections does not charge additional fees on credit card payments. Additional fees may be applied by your bank.
Payments via PayPal are subject to a 5.25% PayPal fee.
You can choose between the following payment methods
| Direct debit from account |
(Subscriptions and leasing deal)  

| Credit card |  PayPal |

|  Subscription debit from your credit card |
(Subscriptions and leasing deal only)


We ship directly to your home. Delivery takes place within 14 days of confirmation of your order and payment.


You may return your items within 14 calendar days of the date of delivery by mailing them to the return address indicated on the delivery slip. You do not need to give a reason for your return, and there are no penalties.
Please note that the Client shall bear all costs incurred for returning items.


We do our best to deliver you only the highest-quality items. In the event that you receive a defective item, you may contact our Customer Service team at any time to request a replacement. If a replacement is not possible, we will fully reimburse the cost of the defective product.